Oil Wrestling

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We have some hot oil wrestling action on Money Talks this time around. We put out an ad for extras in a shoot, but we actually wanted to get girls buttnaked and oiled up. First came this hot blonde with her friend who we convinced to get naked and wrestle with Adrian. Then we thought it would be good to see her wrestle with her male friend naked as well. She was not feeling this at first but was soon convinced by cash. Once she had him pinned down, Adrian jumped right on top of him and started blowing him. We tried to get the hot blonde to get on and do the same, once again it took some cash but we got it done. After she blew him, she stuck around for the rest of the day helping us get some more girls. We finally got this one really cute Asian girl, who was very shy at first, but of course the cash helped ease her coyness. It was not long after that, that Amy Parks was all over Peter’s dick getting oiled up and fucked hard!

Money Talks… bullshit walks!

Amazing Amy

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We had this real cute Asian girl come by looking for a good time at the Cum Fiesta. Amy Parks is her name and she had been told by her friends about the Fiesta and was very eager to come get nailed. We let her right in when she showed us the password. It didn’t take long before Amy was getting naked and showing us how she liked to masturbate. Seth jumped right in after a bit and gave her the hard cock she was craving. Don’t miss this hottie getting fucked hard and receiving a huge load, Cum Fiesta style!

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